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Mulch Refresh

Verde Lawn & Landscape - Mulch Refresh in Dripping Springs Texas

Mulch Refresh Installation

in Dripping Springs, West Austin, & surrounding areas

New mulch always looks great, but there are many nutritional benefits, and other general benefits your plants and planting beds receive from a fresh mulch application.

New mulch helps to:

  • Retain moisture in your soil

  • Reduce the amount of weed growth 

  • Reduce extreme weather related damage 

  • Add natural nutrients to your beds soil as it decomposes

  • Keep your planting beds looking fresh! 

We're proud to install Texas Native Mulch

Verde Lawn & Landscape - Mulch
Verde Lawn & Landscape - Mulch

Texas Native Mulch is an all-natural, double ground hardwood mulch that has been aged 9-15 months to create a long-lasting and vibrantly dark color that stays consistent year in and year out. Texas Native hardwood mulch doesn’t wash away and it aids and improves soil conditions by adding natural nutrients to soil as it decomposes.

We price our 
Mulch Refresh installations based upon the total square footage of your planting beds. This gives us the amount of mulch material we will need to complete the job.

Let us help you see your landscapes potential.
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