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Top Dressing

Verde Lawn & Landscape - Top Dressing in Dripping Springs Texas

Top Dressing

in Dripping Springs, West Austin, & surrounding areas

Top Dressing works wonders for the lawn. From small grade correction and leveling bumpy areas to feeding nutrients to the lawn coupled with adding water retention, top dressing is an essential component to achieving the lawn of your dreams. Please see below for a list of some of the many benefits of top dressing your lawn;

  • Improves soil Aeration - Soil organisms break down the compost and cause little air pockets to open up. This aerates the soil so grass roots get more oxygen and water can penetrate the ground.

  • Improves soil quality - Topdressing adds a lot of nutrients to the soil such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. It also improves the soil’s ability to hold nutrients and water. This gives you greener grass.

  • Adds beneficial soil microbes - Compost carries beneficial soil microbes. Soil microbes break down organic material through the chemicals in their body. They also help control diseases and regulate carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorous levels.

  • Helps seed germination - All of the benefits of topdressing make it a valuable player for seed germination, which is why it goes hand in hand with overseeding.

  • Levels the lawn - Poor lawn grading can cause drainage issues that may lead to fungal disease and erosion. Topdressing smooths out uneven areas in the lawn.

  • Helps to Break down thatch.

  • 1/8'' of extremely nutritious soil applied to your lawn, giving your grass longer roots.

    Our Top Dressing application is priced depending on the amount of soil we are applying to your lawn.

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