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Lawn Care

Verde Lawn & Landscape - Turf Managment Landscape Maintenance Lawn Care

Leading Lawn Care in
Central Texas

in Dripping Springs, West Austin, & surrounding areas

At Verde Lawn & Landscape, we offer weekly & biweekly lawn care. 
Our basic lawn care includes mowing, edging, and blowing.
Just like any other plant, the majority of our grasses here in Texas need to be cut to grow thicker, fuller, greener, happier, and healthier. We run the best equipment the industry has to offer, we follow REAL cultural practices, and we cut all of our lawns between the heights of 1.25 - 2.50''.
Listed below in no specific order are a few more benefits to leaving your lawn care to us, the pros:

1. Save Money

While this may seem counterintuitive as in general many people turn to DIY in order to save money, when it comes to lawn care, doing everything on your own actually may wind up costing you more than hiring someone. The upkeep, the gas cans, the weed eater line, cutting height on the mower, when to sharpen your mower blades, etc. As professionals, we have all these things with us at all times, and our equipment maintenance takes place on a routine basis, so you can rest assured that our mowers aren't going to die mid-yard due to an over due oil change.

2. Do It Right

Most things can be done yourself, but when it comes to your lawn, as mentioned above, professionals have the tools you need to get the job done the absolute best way, and there’s a lot more to achieving your ideal lawn than just cutting the grass or watering the flowers.

3. Know It's Taken Care Of

While it’s hard to forget your lawn, keeping it maintained can slip off the radar or be deprioritized when life gets hectic. Was it 2 or 3 weeks since the grass was cut? Did you remember to water the plants? Is your irrigation system setup for proper watering this season? When exactly was the last fertilizer application? When you hire us to help out, it’s our job to remember these things for you! A large part of a good lawn is routine maintenance, the correct trimming, irrigation, fertilizing, aeration and other services. It’s the professional’s job to remember, allowing for optimal results year-round. 

4. Get The Best Lawn Possible

As mentioned above, again, as professionals we know what to do and how to do it, meaning we can achieve the best possible results! This means your outdoor area will be green, lush, and beautiful all year round. We can customize services and programs for your unique needs and budget.  As with most things in life, hiring an expert is one way to ensure the job gets done the best possible way.


Our lawn mowing crews keep your yard maintained for you, allowing you relax and enjoy your time with your friends and family.

Verde Lawn & Landscape is a local Austin company and we're here to not only help you with your lawn, but any other aspect of your landscape that you feel you need us. We strive for 100% Customer Satisfaction and we do this by providing top-notch service. We will help your lawn grow thicker and greener by utilizing professional grade equipment, experienced staff, and consistent communication between our staff and you, our client.

Let us help you see your landscapes potential.
Tell us how we can help!

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