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Planting Bed Maintenance

Verde Lawn & Landscape - Turf Managment Landscape Maintenance Lawn Care

Turf Management & Landscape Maintenance

in Dripping Springs, West Austin, & surrounding areas

Find yourself running out of time to keep the plants around your landscape from looking unruly?
We can help with that!
Our Planting Bed maintenance program is run on a monthly basis. During these visits, we trim on all plants in need of trimming, blow leaves out of the beds, pull weeds, and haul off the trimmed plant debris. Included in this program are all major cut-backs performed in January-February.
Again, we use actual cultural practices when dealing with your landscape. Therefore, you can trust that we're making sure your plants are happy while we're also on the look-out for disease, insect infestations, under/over watering, and other things out of the ordinary.
We price our planting bed maintenance based on a few factors, but to sum it up, we're mostly looking at; The area of the beds, the types of plants on the beds, and the existing plants' conditions.

Let us help you see your landscapes potential.
Tell us how we can help!

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