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Weed Control & Fertilization


5-Star Rated
Weed Control & Fertilization

in Dripping Springs, West Austin, & surrounding areas

Weeds don't stop trying to germinate in your turf, just as your turf doesn't stop craving nutrients and amendments. You can count on us to continue applying pressure to the weeds, and supplying nutrients to the turf. Our goal is to keep your lawn looking its best, taking preventative measures to get ahead of future germination, and minimize the amounts of herbicides we have to use in your lawn. Our weed control & fertilization program is run on a monthly basis, every month throughout the year. We use a safe, yet aggressive, approach when being hired to treat your turf, and maintain it just as seriously. Our program consists of Cultural methods of control, Pre-emergents, Post-emergents, Fertilizers, humates, and other amendments depending on what time of year we are in, and what the lawn requires to look its best.

From post-emergent spot spray and blanket spray applications, to pre-emergents, fertilizers, and soil amendments, we are equipped with the tools and experience to supply your lawn and turf with the correct application for the season to protect it from all the pesty weeds that try to call it home.  

Our Weed Control & Fertilization program pricing is based upon your turf square footage. We then calculate your flat-rate monthly cost and get busy feeding your lawn.

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