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Tree Health Care & Pruning


Tree Care & Consultation by Certified Arborist

in Dripping Springs, West Austin, & surrounding areas

Trees play a large roll in our landscapes. Not only are they enjoyable to observe and great providers of a space to hide from our brutal summer heat, but studies have proven that trees have many benefits beyond just being a tree in our yards. Put simply, caring for our trees and ensuring they are supported in their growth and life cycle in the urban environmental challenges we put them through should be a top priority for the residential and commercial property owner.

About our Tree Health Care Program & Consultations

From top to bottom, we use a science backed approach when observing your trees. Although there can be close similarities, no 2 things in nature are ever the exact same, and no 2 things can ever be treated as such. Therefore, in our tiered, assessment based, consultation approach, you can rest assured that when we're assessing your trees, we're looking at everything from recent to past growth, soil and local environment conditions, signs of disease and decay damage, the trees requirements, and the trees recent responses.

Verde Lawn & Landscape - Tree Health Care
Verde Lawn & Landscape - Tree Health Care

Tree trimming, pruning, and maintenance

Although often overlooked, our trees require, and deserve, frequent trimming/pruning and other maintenance practices. Due to oak wilt targeting our Central Texas live oaks, we have a specific recommended pruning period for them. However, most of our other tree species can get the care they need, when they need it, throughout most of the year. While running top of the line equipment, with a certified arborist on staff, you can have confidence that our trimming and pruning practices meet the international standards for pruning, and equally importantly - safety.
Not only do trees require routine trimming and pruning, but they also require other local environmental amendments. These include but are not limited to macro and micro nutrient fertilization, soil aeration, PH adjustments, and many others. Even a task as simple as refreshing the mulch around your trees can provide great benefits to your trees and their soil, reducing soil compaction around the base, and aiding in other environmental stressors on the tree.


In the United States, Certified Arborists have to obtain over three years of documented and verified experience in trees. In addition, they must also pass a written test from the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). Certified arborists must also maintain their credentials, by obtaining a number of continuing education units (CEU's) during the three-year certification period, and paying a fee for recertification, or by retaking and passing the ever-changing exam. Since certified arborist must perform tree work and maintain trees according to ISA & ANZI standards, choosing a certified arborist means you're choosing a tree professional that you can trust and that they are well-versed in new and old tree service practices and knowledge.

Why hire a Certified Arborist?

Jake Hale
ISA Certified Arborist

A few of the many clear signs that you may need to give us a call

Verde Lawn & Landscape - Signs of Tree Decay
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