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Leaf Clean-up

Verde Lawn & Landscape - Turf Managment Landscape Maintenance Lawn Care in Dripping Springs and Austin Texas

Verde Lawn & Landscape Leaf Removal

in Dripping Springs, West Austin, & surrounding areas

Almost everyone can agree the fall season is one of the best due to the bright and vivid colors coloring the trees. But along with that comes the leaf drop. While we run mulch kits on our mowers (which cut the leaves into tiny pieces and throw them back into the lawn), sometimes there's either; A) too many leaves to mulch in to the lawn and expect a nice recovery, or B) Live Oak leaves that have chosen your lawn as its new home after dropping (which do not mulch easily).

That's where we can help. When it's time to make the call to rake the leaves up and bag 'em, you can count on us to get the job done. We schedule leaf clean-up and removals in late fall, and late/early winter. These times will be the most efficient times to have us out since this is when most of the leaves will have named your lawn and landscape home.

During these visits, we rake and blow the leaves on your property in to a pile, bag them up, and haul them off for disposal.

Our Leaf Removal service is priced at an hourly rate, with an included disposal fee.

Let us help you see your landscapes potential.
Tell us how we can help!

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